Supporting animal shelters and rescues through fundraising

Our Story

Prior to founding Forgiving Paws, Maggie Lairson was a Pug breeder. After losing her Pug family in November 2006 to a *pet food recall, and unable to save her own Pugs, she began her pet rescue mission. She found that funding was always an issue for other rescues as well as her own. After doing several years of garage sales, it became apparent this could be a great source of ongoing funding. With that in mind, Maggie’s dream of a permanent storefront seemed to be the solution for her fundraising needs and Forgiving Paws Thrift Shop became a reality. The shop opened its doors in March 2015 at 195 Meridian Street in Hollister, California.

Find out more about the Forgiving Paws Thrift Shop in Hollister and its hours of operation.

*For information about the pet food recall, visit

Please Note: Forgiving Paws, Inc. is not an animal rescue, shelter or adoption organization. Our purpose is to raise funding to support those types of organizations.

About Us

Forgiving Paws, Inc. is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization founded to raise funds to support the life-saving work of animal shelters and rescues. Our goal is to partner with other like-minded nonprofit organizations.

Volunteer efforts help Forgiving Paws create a positive impact in our community. Every bit of help makes a difference. To apply to be a volunteer, please fill out the Volunteer Application.

Our Thrift Shop in Hollister is our primary source of funding for our mission. We happily accept monetary donations, too, at the store, by mail or online.

Thrift shop in Hollister proceeds support animal shelters and rescues